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Word Example of - elegant

    Example Sentences for elegant

    The stamp of the elegant simplicity of Cyrus, the Persian, was upon it.

    His ear was well-tuned, and his diction was elegant and copious.

    The art of blending scientific research with elegant disquisition remained to be invented.

    She was forced to move to the elegant mansion where she now resides.

    An elegant open carriage, drawn by four noble grey horses, contained the bridal party.

    She is said to have been an elegant animal, and McGirth was very proud of her.

    Amongst the miscellaneous materials in this work, are some pieces of poetry, written in an elegant taste.

    Near it is the English Cathedral—a large and elegant structure.

    Mr. Williamson was forty and a widower; but he drove an elegant pair of bays, belonged to a club, and had apartments at a hotel.

    "Equally," of course, the bridegrooms were handsome and elegant, proud and happy.

Word Origin & History of - elegant

    Word Origin & History

    elegant late 15c., from M.Fr. élégant (15c.), from L. elegantem (nom. elegans) "choice, fine, tasteful," prp. of eligere "select with care, choose." Elegans was originally a term of reproach, "dainty, fastidious;" the notion of "tastefully refined" emerged in classical Latin.

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