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Word Example of - element

    Example Sentences for element

    The breath was clearly the "element" the lack of which rendered the body inanimate.

    The saturae contained an Etruscan element, but atellans were entirely Etruscan.

    Osmond was in his element; at last he had material to work with.

    They were devoted to her, but their love lacked all element of admiration.

    I am now in my element, and the energy of my youth is reawakened.

    This had in it no element of surprise for him, since it told him nothing he did not already know.

    But in all cases it contains some element of remuneration for service rendered.

    Instantly the men sprang to their feet, but Aunt Nancy was now in her element.

    There is an element in this country that already has no use for the soldier of the Civil War.

    In Chisholm the first element may mean pebble; cf. Chesil Beach.

Word Origin & History of - element

    Word Origin & History

    element c.1300, "earth, air, fire, water," from O.Fr. element, from L. elementem "rudiment, first principle, matter in its most basic form," origin unknown (translated Gk. stoikheion). Modern chemical sense is 1813. Elements "atmospheric force" is 1550s.

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