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The Synonym of - elemental (adjective)

Word Example of - elemental

    Example Sentences for elemental

    And it was this elemental simplicity of taste which made Douglass the conquering hero that he was.

    But all subsists by elemental strife; And passions are the elements of life.

    The one suggested the other, especially where the gods were elemental powers.

    As they reach after the most Divine they are impelled by the most elemental.

    It was a case of will against will, elemental man against his brother.

    A primitive emotion, but then Nanna was the elemental woman.

    Have we knowledge of any other existences--elemental existences--than corporeal atoms?

    Action heroic, elemental; the dumb bearing of the universal burden.

    It is because they have been blind to the elemental facts of life.

    The cosmogonist seems to have had no conception of "air" as an elemental body.

Word Origin & History of - elemental

    Word Origin & History

    elemental 1510s, pertaining to the four elements, from M.L. elementalis, from L. elementum (see element). Meaning simple, uncomplicated is from 1550s; that of relating to first principles is from 1570s. The noun in the occult sense is from 1877.

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