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Word Example of - elementary

    Example Sentences for elementary

    Sight, the highest of the senses, came last, and was an evolution of the elementary sensitiveness to light.

    He is free from personal liability on elementary principles.

    It will give a practical and experimental knowledge of elementary electricity, and thoroughly prepare students for advanced work.

    Thus, multiplicity of nature is met by multiplicity of elementary operations.

    When the last changes were made at Wells, these elementary questions seem not to have presented themselves to men's minds.

    So I propose confining our attention to the elementary rules.

    I had to learn a little, if I wanted to work the land, so I borrowed an elementary text from Cutler.

    There are six elementary stenches, and these spread into a variety of subdivisions?

    They formed, he had been told, a sort of elementary code of communication.

    The idea primarily was to awaken interest in elementary education.

Word Origin & History of - elementary

    Word Origin & History

    elementary 1540s, rudimentary, from L. elementarius, from elementum (see element). Meaning simple is from 1620s. Elementary school is 1841.

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