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Word Example of - elevate

    Example Sentences for elevate

    To reform and elevate the class of criminals, we must reform and elevate all other classes.

    The accomplishment of such a feat will elevate the human spirit.

    Her first thought was to take up teaching that she might do something to elevate her people.

    To elevate all nations requires a great variety of laborers.

    She may 'cultivate his mind—may elevate his thoughts,'—these I believe are the established phrases—but will he be the happier?

    Or they who elevate themselves to a public position are sure to be conspicuous.

    This slight acquaintance with the nobility of France did not, however, elevate them in her esteem.

    They knew too all that God had done to purify and elevate the race.

    There are level parts of every subject, parts which we cannot with propriety attempt to elevate.

    And this helped to perfect his character, to elevate him to a complete forgetfulness of self.

Word Origin & History of - elevate

    Word Origin & History

    elevate late 15c., from L. elevatus, pp. of elevare "lift up, raise," from ex- "out" + levare "lighten, raise," from levis "light" in weight (see lever). El, Amer.Eng. abbreviation of "elevated railroad" is first recorded 1906 in O. Henry.

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