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The Synonym of - eligibility (noun)

Word Example of - eligibility

    Example Sentences for eligibility

    No possible danger can accrue to the Government by restoring them to eligibility to hold office.

    Office Holding: Eligibility to office is limited by the constitution to electors.

    Its probability and its eligibility have really so equalled each other!

    So our lines of eligibility get more and more narrowly drawn.

    But it is not a question of his eligibility as an acquaintance.

    Her eligibility was suggested to the late friend of Persia's shah.

    The rigid criticism as to eligibility showed how great an honor was the card for her Ladyship's "Tea."

    And, because it regards them as a source of profit, it decrees the eligibility of citizens.

    The committee, which I usually represent, decides upon the eligibility of candidates.

    So he determines the conditions of eligibility, and the form of election.

Word Origin & History of - eligibility

    Word Origin & History

    eligible 1561, from M.Fr. eligible "fit to be chosen," from L.L. eligibilis "that may be chosen," from L. eligere "choose" (see election).

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