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Word Example of - eliminate

    Example Sentences for eliminate

    Their corpses, interspersed here and there in the series of the cells, are disturbing causes, which it is wise to eliminate.

    Not to eliminate your wealth, but eliminate all thought of it.

    Catastrophe opposes the tendency to eliminate from life everything that requires a calling forth of unusual energies.

    The identification and draining of these clay layers may eliminate this cause.

    Overtime is one thing that the management has not yet been able wholly to eliminate.

    He, too, desired to eliminate the Imperial factor in his own way.

    “We have got to eliminate government by chief clerks,” said Major Hine at the very beginning.

    He most certainly would not allow Arthur Sloane to eliminate him from the situation.

    Care should be taken to avoid and eliminate all borings and chips from the sample.

    I think that we can eliminate the possibility of their going to sea.

Word Origin & History of - eliminate

    Word Origin & History

    eliminate 1560s, from L. eliminatus, pp. of eliminare "thrust out of doors, expel," from ex limine "off the threshold," from ex "off, out" + limine, abl. of limen "threshold." Used literally at first; sense of "exclude" first attested 1714; sense of "expel waste from the body" is c.1795. Related: Eliminated; eliminating.

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