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Word Example of - elision

    Example Sentences for elision

    The elision is not a happy one, and the mere suppression of the "and" does not produce a satisfying line.

    What has been said about syncope applies also to the relative spheres of elision and hiatus.

    The reason for its elision current in Alaska is too contemptible to be referred to further.

    Such is the origin of the term Chicago,  which is a derivative, by elision and French annotation, from the word Chi-kaug-ong.

    Elision marks indicate that parts of this letter are omitted.

    I would as soon have my hair cut off as an intolerable Scotch shortness put into my titles by the elision of little words.

    These are always formed by two words placed in immediate juxta-position, without any elision of either; e. g.

    An elision for creepeth; possibly an intermediate etymological state of creeps.

    This shows a decline in the proportional duration of the elision as the total value of the measure elided increases.

    Note that there is no elision with entre except in compound verbs (entr'ouvrir, etc.).

Word Origin & History of - elision

    Word Origin & History

    elision 1580s, from L. elisionem, from elidere (see elide).

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