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The Synonym of - elucidation (noun)

Word Example of - elucidation

    Example Sentences for elucidation

    My memory of school has indeed no hint whatever of that quality of elucidation it seems reasonable to demand from it.

    Both were able to explain the matter, and Karl proceeded to offer the elucidation.

    Many others less distinct are now the subject of examination for elucidation.

    Yet I think the context furnishes a clue to its elucidation.

    The elucidation of this branch of their constitution is now to engage our attention.

    The language was unequivocal, the assertion one that required no elucidation.

    "I can only reiterate my sister's words, which demand no elucidation," replied Cornelia.

    Surely, the voice-part in these classics is not without its need of elucidation.

    He had been true to his promise, and had devoted every possible moment to the elucidation of the mystery which faced him.

    And so there was the elucidation: and Janet was just as unconscious of what she had done as the bed-post.

Word Origin & History of - elucidation

    Word Origin & History

    elucidate 1560s, from L.L. elucidatus, pp. of elucidare "make clear," from ex- "out, away" + lucidus "clear" (see lucid). Related: Elucidated; elucidates; elucidating.

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