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Word Example of - elude

    Example Sentences for elude

    The depredator who is fortunate enough to escape the former, is seldom able to elude the latter.

    Did Choflo hope that the quarry would kill him, or at least elude him?

    It was of such a nature as to force itself upon them; therefore it was in vain to attempt to elude it by subterfuge.

    And, above all, how would she elude the vigilance of those who guarded her?

    Their vigilance was unrelenting and every enemy attempt to elude it met with disaster.

    She contrived, however, to elude his vigilance, though there were four ships in her convoy.

    To elude this fancy she set herself to recapitulating his weak points.

    When a man has this sort of vocation it is all nonsense attempting to elude it.

    This crime in its nature has been such as to elude our grasp owing to the limited time of our session.

    What a target for jeers—he who had fancied he could elude the Railroad!

Word Origin & History of - elude

    Word Origin & History

    elude 1530s, "delude, make a fool of," from L. eludere "escape from, make a fool of, win from at play," from ex- "out, away" + ludere "to play" (see ludicrous). Sense of "evade" is first recorded 1610s. Related: Eluded; eludes; eluding.

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