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Word Example of - embargo

    Example Sentences for embargo

    The Australian embargo, dust-storms in the steppes of Russia, rumors of war, all had contributed to send prices soaring.

    England immediately laid an embargo on the vessels of the powers signing it.

    The effect of that embargo was to shut down between 70 and 80 per cent.

    But now she told him that this one embargo to their happiness had been withdrawn.

    He told you their districts could not feel the embargo most, as it was in his the sufferings were most severe.

    The question was now between the enforcement of the Embargo Act and war.

    First of all his letters show that he never considered the embargo as a permanent cure.

    That the embargo was intended as a preparation for war was frankly acknowledged.

    A raising of the embargo would be a preparation for war—it would bring us articles of the first necessity for our surplus.

    When I took up my abode with Paragot, he laid no embargo on any of his belongings.

Word Origin & History of - embargo

    Word Origin & History

    embargo c.1593, from Sp. embargo "seizure, embargo," noun of action from embargar "restrain impede," from V.L. *imbarricare, from in- "into, upon" + *barra (see bar).

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