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Word Example of - embarrassment

    Example Sentences for embarrassment

    The embarrassment was because of her inability to extend to us the hospitality she desired.

    Mayo displayed the embarrassment of the man who knew he was hunted.

    It was not till now that he felt the embarrassment of such an arrival.

    "I want to say good-bye," he said in the gruff voice of embarrassment.

    David by this time has grown scarlet with embarrassment and confusion.

    They could only arrest his attention by involving his agents in embarrassment.

    Faith looked toward her, and saw poor Janie crimson with embarrassment, and smiled at her comfortingly.

    Ever since Markelov's appearance he had been in a state of great excitement and embarrassment.

    The young Spaniard, observing my embarrassment, took out two reals and paid the fellow.

    He was embarrassed, and she was aware of embarrassment herself.

Word Origin & History of - embarrassment

    Word Origin & History

    embarrassment 1670s, impeded, obstructed, entangled (of affairs, etc.), from embarrass + -ment. As a mental state, from 1774. Meaning thing which embarrasses is from 1729.

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