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Word Example of - embassy

    Example Sentences for embassy

    There was one little heart that was sore indeed when Boris came to take his leave before the departure of the embassy.

    An embassy of Indians came to visit Father Hennepin from the distance of several hundred miles in the far west.

    Four years later circumstances rendered an embassy to the Sultan of Egypt imperative.

    This division of the embassy was to insure a greater chance of its being successful.

    Very soon the Union Jack would float from the Embassy's barren flagstaff.

    What general is in command of this embassy, as it pleases you to call it?

    Profiting by this signal victory, Judas sent an embassy to Rome.

    It was no gift of his; it had belonged to a young attach to her father's embassy.

    In the afternoon I got a telephone message that the place for the dinner had been changed from the "Majestic" to the Embassy.

    I felt no call to enter on Macartney's embassy regarding Hutton.

Word Origin & History of - embassy

    Word Origin & History

    embassy 1579, from M.Fr. embassee "mission, charge, office of ambassador," from It. ambasciata, from O.Prov. ambaisada "office of ambassador," from Gaul. *ambactos "dependant, vassal," lit. "one going around."

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