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What is a better word for emblematic? What's another word for emblematic? What are 5 "emblematic synonyms"? How can I replace the word emblematic? What is the meaning of emblematic in English?

Word Example of - emblematic

    Example Sentences for emblematic

    The priests of Isis yearly dedicated to her a new ship (emblematic of the Yoni), laden with the first fruits of spring.

    Blue is emblematic of failure, disappointment, or unsatisfied desire.

    “This is all emblematic of our fortress, I fear —dissolution,” he said, wearily.

    It was an instructive scene, emblematic of this fallen world.

    The Druids wore white dresses, and the Bards a robe of sky blue, emblematic of peace.

    The design is emblematic of the story of the Garden of Eden.

    The bull and lioness are emblematic of the masculine and feminine powers.

    Most of the pages were surrounded with emblematic traceries.

    The elephant and tortoise of the Hindu earth are, no doubt, emblematic or typical, not literal.

    It is not words only that are emblematic; it is things which are emblematic.

Word Origin & History of - emblematic

    Word Origin & History

    emblematic 1640s, from Gk. emblemat-, stem of emblema (see emblem).