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Word Example of - embodiment

    Example Sentences for embodiment

    She saw in him, above all else, the embodiment of love, and loved him because her loving heart understood his.

    Shall I continue to represent you as being the embodiment of the character I am describing?

    He was the representative and embodiment of the authority of the Holy See.

    He was the embodiment and symbol of what the Southern people most believed in and cared for.

    He had been neatly dressed in a new suit of clothes and looked the embodiment of childish innocence.

    Teeming with much that is ancient, she appears the embodiment of youth and beauty.

    More than once the prince felt the sting of envy in his heart at the sight of this embodiment of supreme nonchalance.

    Their mode of dress is an embodiment of simplicity and elegance.

    Mr. Disraeli has here presented us with the very type and embodiment of what history should be.

    His poetry is the embodiment of his thought, its swift and splendid incarnation.

Word Origin & History of - embodiment

    Word Origin & History

    embodiment 1828, from embody + -ment.

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