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The Synonym of - embryo (noun)

Word Example of - embryo

    Example Sentences for embryo

    In a very few hours the embryo is sufficiently formed to swim in the water.

    The body of the germ is infolded, so that the embryo appears bent on itself.

    Having cleared out the egg as far as possible, fill it up with water to assist in the decomposition of the embryo.

    The important point is, not that the embryo grows, but that it coordinates.

    Amnion cavity: a tube-like insinking from the ventral plate of the embryo, extending cephalad.

    At half-past one the members of the embryo boat club were on the beach.

    The only visible or easily conceivable change was in position relative to other cells of the embryo.

    The town of "Harding" had now developed into an embryo city.

    But the embryo of Indian Corn is larger and can be easily examined after long soaking.

    Its seat is in the liver, where the growth of the embryo begins.

Word Origin & History of - embryo

    Word Origin & History

    embryo mid-14c., from M.L. embryo, from Gk. embryon, in Homer, "young animal," later, "fruit of the womb," lit. "that which grows," from en- "in" + bryein "to swell, be full."

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