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Word Example of - embryology

    Example Sentences for embryology

    In Embryology an attempt has been made to compare the origin of the cœlom in Amphioxus and in Balanoglossus.

    This comparison I have been able to make from a study of the embryology of Isotoma.

    But taking this anticipation for granted, as it is fully realised by the facts of embryology, it follows that the pg.

    See further the same author's article "Embryology" in the Ency.

    We cannot pursue the mind into embryology: we can only trace how, after birth, it begins to grow.

    But that belongs to the domain of Embryology, which is a separate science.

    But this is only a small portion of the wonderful tale told by Embryology.

    The same holds good with the evidence from Embryology and from Palontology.

    Similarly the generalized facts of embryology are meaningless except in the light of the theory of descent.

    The embryology of Callianira has been worked out by E. Mechnikov.

Word Origin & History of - embryology

    Word Origin & History

    embryology 1859, from embryon (see embryo) + -logy.

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