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Word Example of - emergence

    Example Sentences for emergence

    Shifts are most likely to occur after emergence from hibernation, when the lizard finds its habitat somewhat altered.

    They received orders not to fire upon the savages under any emergence.

    La Salle instantly called all his force to arms, that he might be prepared for any emergence.

    The seed is still underground, and the moment of emergence has not come.

    These oscillations of the sea-level did not terminate with the emergence of the land after the formation of the 50-feet beach.

    I need not detail the aftermath of our emergence from the atom.

    Its earlier boundary is blurred by a fading into memory, and its later boundary is blurred by an emergence from anticipation.

    Did Beauty, for instance, resent her Beast's emergence into a Prince?

    Emergence from hibernation usually occurs in April but in some years a few turtles may emerge as early as the first week of March.

    I had hoped to make my emergence by that path which came inside the royal pyramid.

Word Origin & History of - emergence

    Word Origin & History

    emergence 1755, from L.L. emergentia, from emergere (see emerge).

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