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Word Example of - emergency

    Example Sentences for emergency

    Almost immediately the wailing of emergency sirens could be heard spreading the alarm over the city.

    The watchful Deborah moved her chair an inch nearer, so as to be ready for any emergency.

    This house, with its loopholes and heavy shutters, was constructed for such an emergency as the present.

    All control of consumption will disappear when the emergency has passed.

    A good woman enough, you will understand, as times go; but a poor creature in any emergency.

    One boy only was equal to the emergency; that I need hardly say was Simon.

    Cora was pale as death, but she rose to the emergency and took command.

    But there was only this desperate chance to rely upon in the emergency.

    Old craft and odd are come on the sea to serve turn in our emergency.

    I must ask you either to enlarge the exit to our bath or to supply an emergency door.

Word Origin & History of - emergency

    Word Origin & History

    emergency "unforeseen occurrence requiring immediate attention," 1630s, from L. emergens, prp. of emergere (see emerge).

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