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Word Example of - emissary

    Example Sentences for emissary

    Black Meg, it may be explained, in the intervals of graver business was not averse to serving as an emissary of Venus.

    Joe Two-Hawk had come as a sort of emissary from the Brul├ęs.

    He was sentenced to death; whether the sentence had been already executed our emissary could not ascertain.

    He sent an emissary to request a conference with a representative of the fruit company.

    He deputed an emissary to treat these prize-fighters with champagne.

    On the night of the 13th Ney received an emissary from Napoleon.

    The fellow who hath left his mark upon thee is an emissary of Spain.

    He claimed to be an emissary with important instructions from the Opera.

    The Emperor immediately ordered M. Ral, prefect of the police, to make search after this emissary.

    An emissary is one who is sent out; especially one sent on secret business, as a spy.

Word Origin & History of - emissary

    Word Origin & History

    emissary c.1600, from L. emissarius, lit. "that is sent out," from emissus, pp. of emittere "send forth" (see emit).