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What is a better word for emphasis? What's another word for emphasis? What are 5 "emphasis synonyms"? How can I replace the word emphasis? What is the meaning of emphasis in English?

Word Example of - emphasis

    Example Sentences for emphasis

    If the note itself is not new, there must at least be a newness of emphasis and insistence.

    He agreed to attend, adding his own emphasis to the reason as stated.

    Hyperbole is a natural exaggeration for the purpose of emphasis.

    "I do not care much for your emphasis on the 'now,'" she declared, indignantly.

    Such a method results not only in added clearness, but also in emphasis.

    She gave every intonation all it could carry, and without the least emphasis: that's the wonder.

    The great importance of well-chosen symbols needs no emphasis to readers of the present day.

    There was an emphasis on the last words which was no doubt intended to be impertinent.

    The essence of the New Testament seems to be the emphasis of a man's spirit with or without money.

    She spoke with an emphasis that seemed, even to her, inadequate.

Word Origin & History of - emphasis

    Word Origin & History

    emphasis 1570s, from L. emphasis, from Gk. emphasis "significance, indirect meaning," from empha-, root of emphainein "to present, show, indicate," from en- "in" + phainein "to show" (see phantasm). In Greek and Latin, developed a sense of "extra stress" given to a word or phrase in speech as a clue that it implies something more than literal meaning.