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Word Example of - employment

    Example Sentences for employment

    For Edwin disdained the employment of falsehood and disguise.

    I do not think I could be happy,” said Hester, “to be tied down to an employment I did not like.

    The employment manager of the department store said she lived here.

    They were trained to the employment, and selected for their speed and fidelity.

    She was planning an276 extension of her classes, the employment of an assistant.

    One strong reason for this is the necessity for the employment of spies.

    Still, hoots and catcalls surrounded those on the employment line.

    Of course there is no such limit to the scope of their employment.

    In the employment of arcs of circles several methods of finding the necessary radius are found in practice.

    They had been in Vignon's employment, and had accompanied Madeleine to America.

Word Origin & History of - employment

    Word Origin & History

    employment 1590s, from employ + -ment.

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