"emulation Synonyms"

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The Synonym of - emulation (noun)

Word Example of - emulation

    Example Sentences for emulation

    Madame herself had published etchings by her own fair hands; and to hear of these things excited the emulation of Madame Du Barry.

    Priscilla has jumped to her conclusion at once,—perhaps in emulation of Mrs Grey.

    I have seen no verses on these sublime occasions, so that I have no emulation.

    It aroused at once their emulation and their condemnation of each other.

    The picture of this highly developed state, however, is not such as would tempt us to emulation.

    An old word for to challenge, or incite to emulation; still in full use.

    Nor was the Eastern example more productive of emulation than the Ionian.

    Four of these made no mean display in emulation of their great original.

    All States seek with emulation to augment the national industry.

    I swear you to an emulation of his justice, his moderation, and his mercy.

Word Origin & History of - emulation

    Word Origin & History

    emulation 1550s, from L. æmulationem, from æmulari "to rival, strive to excel," from æmulus "striving, rivaling," from PIE *aim-olo, from base *aim- "copy." Related to L. imitari "imitate," and to L. imago "image."