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Word Example of - enacting

    Example Sentences for enacting

    We had ourselves assisted in framing, and given our votes in enacting, our code of laws.

    While this scene was enacting, a similar one was taking place on board the Dove.

    What reason could there be for enacting this law, if the principles of the law of 1807 were correct?

    The enacting stile of the laws of the United States shall be.

    While these events were enacting on the pier the Mary Mac had drifted over the sand about half a mile from where she had struck.

    All this time a different scene was enacting at the other end of the table.

    But go back, my dear Talboys, to the first enacting of the Play.

    While this tragedy was enacting, Facino Cane breathed his last.

    Did the poor mocked-at heart divine what might be then enacting?

    A very different scene was enacting at the Pool-house on that very evening.

Word Origin & History of - enacting

    Word Origin & History

    enact mid-15c., from en- "make, put in" + act. Related: Enacted; enacting.

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