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Word Example of - enactment

    Example Sentences for enactment

    But we are told that public sentiment conditions the enactment of laws.

    The enactment of this measure into a law did not settle the question.

    The stamp act was repealed in the year following its enactment, and for the moment trade resumed its wonted course.

    I look upon that enactment not as a law, but as a violence from the beginning.

    An enactment that slavery may or may not exist there, is a regulation respecting the territory.

    The irregularity of the meeting must be assigned to the enactment against which it offended.

    Most important among them is the enactment, interpretation, suspension, and abrogation of all laws of the republic.

    Startled, the people wondered was this enactment the forerunner of war.

    Against the enactment of these laws Mr. Jefferson did nothing as Vice-President.

    The desire of the Executive for such an enactment arose in this manner.

Word Origin & History of - enactment

    Word Origin & History

    enactment 1817, from enact + -ment.

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