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Word Example of - encomiastic

    Example Sentences for encomiastic

    In rhetoric, they say the first part was demonstrative or encomiastic, the second deliberative, the third judicial.

    At the publication the wits seemed proud to pay their attendance with encomiastic verses.

    It may be remarked, that in this elegy, and in most of his encomiastic poems, he has forgotten or neglected to name his heroes.

    Musurus boasts in his encomiastic verses that the work was accomplished entirely by Cretans.

    They have been encomiastic even in regard to her voice and her manner of singing.

    Her personal charms fully merited the encomiastic strains of the following epistle.

    Mathias was fascinated with it, and printed it privately with an encomiastic criticism.

    Both are encomiastic, and describe the character and work of the deceased with considerable fulness and beauty of expression.

Word Origin & History of - encomiastic

    Word Origin & History of encomiastic

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