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Word Example of - encomium

    Example Sentences for encomium

    The encomium holding good of herself, she refrained from lecturing him on the subject of the vilified Denham.

    I shall enter on no encomium upon Massachusetts; she needs none.

    Our way would have been to include this encomium in the message, and let John hear it.

    To Sir Felix an encomium from a fair lady was ever irresistible.

    There spoke the soldier to whom praise from his chief was the best praise and more valued than any other encomium.

    “She looks it,” said Stonor, with a sidelong glance at the object of her encomium.

    Likewise he bragged to the other boys by the hour, Rupe Collins being the chief subject of encomium—next to Penrod himself.

    The security is insufficient, and the encomium belongs to Constantinople.

    The country knows, by this time, that we cannot repeat the encomium.

    An apple so well known, as to require neither description nor encomium.

Word Origin & History of - encomium

    Word Origin & History

    encomium 1589, from L.L. encomium, from Gk. enkomion (epos) "laudatory (ode), eulogy," from en- "in" + komos "banquet, procession, merrymaking."

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