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Word Example of - encounter-group

    Example Sentences for encounter

    Then the great athletic brother came and separated them, remonstrating on the folly of the encounter at such a time.

    I am not afraid of Mrs Howell; and we shall have to encounter her again, sooner or later.

    The watering party having no wish to encounter so many armed men, hastened back to the ship.

    She had been partly aware, before she left the Hall, of what she should have to encounter.

    She turned her head to one side that she might not encounter the full gaze of his eyes.

    Slowly, the stimulation of the encounter faded, and he shook his head.

    There would be a pretty scene then, Cerise would have much enjoyment in witnessing the encounter.

    You are evidently a brave man—but you have yet to encounter a real ghost.

    As a community, San Francisco exalted personal courage, directness of encounter, straight and effective shooting.

    They saw you encounter your cousin, and they heard nearly every word he said.

Word Origin & History of - encounter-group

    Word Origin & History

    encounter c.1300, "meeting of adversaries," from O.Fr. encountrer "confront," from encontre (prep. and adv.) "against, counter to," from L.L. incontra "in front of," from L. in- "in" + contra "against." Weakened sense of "casually meet" first recorded in English early 16c. Related: Encountered; encountering.