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Word Example of - encouragement

    Example Sentences for encouragement

    He blames me for the encouragement I have given you, and forbids me, in my father's name, to see you again.

    So, then, all this sympathy and encouragement were not for the two boys at all, but for their Form.

    Claude could not help thinking that there was small ground for encouragement, but he would not damp her sweet hopefulness.

    At the box shop he likewise received no encouragement, for there they needed no help.

    Meanwhile the ardent young lover, growing bolder by encouragement, wanted to remove her veil.

    On they went, every now and then speaking a word of encouragement to each other.

    Having learned what he wanted to know Ford applied to the wound a soothing ointment of promises and encouragement.

    Andy showed no sign of wanting to but Jerry did not wait for encouragement.

    A hundred secret societies passed from mouth to mouth instruction, warning, encouragement.

    I mention the following for the encouragement of the reader: 1.

Word Origin & History of - encouragement

    Word Origin & History

    encouragement 1560s, from encourage + -ment.