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Word Example of - encumbrance

    Example Sentences for encumbrance

    I expected to see the Bee relinquish her mortar and then proceed to remove the encumbrance.

    It is conveniently arranged, and you soon forget it as an encumbrance.

    Whilst something higher than prudence is active, he is admirable; when common sense is wanted, he is an encumbrance.

    So we carried merely our baskets—which were encumbrance enough—and what we had in our pockets.

    His credulity was an encumbrance to the cause which it was his mission and his wish to serve.

    The line between an encumbrance and a purpose is not very clearly defined, is it?

    And I not only protest against this term of "encumbrance," but I protest against the manner in which children are treated.

    I will take upon myself the convincing of the encumbrance to that effect.

    She wished to be Lady So-and-So, with a delicate halo of tragic glory, and no encumbrance.

    They are often an embarrassment and an encumbrance to it rather than a help.

Word Origin & History of - encumbrance

    Word Origin & History

    encumbrance early 14c., from O.Fr. encombrance, from encombrer (see encumber).

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