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Word Example of - endless

    Example Sentences for endless

    This made him a nuisance, and a source of endless trouble in the family.

    A man of endless craving, who never tires of teaching, I might be called, but that is all.

    Late at night I would hear from afar their stumbling footsteps and their voices raised in endless argument.

    These ordinances were the subject of endless and angry discussion.

    The ball had possession of the ground floor and first floor, and the house seemed to be endless.

    Amys and Amyle went with the rest, and endless were the mistakes made about them.

    Meeting two Tibetan women, I purchased, after endless trouble, a fat sheep out of a flock they were driving before them.

    Visited the Patent Office, endless variety of models of all kinds.

    The drum, or cylinder, is caused to gradually revolve by a weight attached to an endless cord passing once around the drum.

    The palms threaded their endless line along the yellow river.

Word Origin & History of - endless

    Word Origin & History

    endless O.E. endeleas; see end + -less. Related: Endlessly.

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