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Word Example of - endowment

    Example Sentences for endowment

    He enhanced the endowment by diligent study in the high school at Prato, in Tuscany, where he spent his boyhood.

    The existence of this endowment is perhaps not as widely known as it should be.

    Take an extreme case and suppose a man who has just received forgiveness for his past and the endowment of a new nature.

    It cost altogether 150,000, and when finished it would need an endowment.

    We have received in addition to this $1,000 for an Endowment Fund.

    For this purpose an annual endowment of 15 marks has been provided.

    Socially as well as educationally, the medival university faded before the organization and endowment of the colleges.

    The present endowment funds amount to about $400,000, as we are advised.

    Ethelbert may have given the endowment of Tillingham in Essex.

    But is an endowment ever a blessing to the man who receives it?

Word Origin & History of - endowment

    Word Origin & History

    endowment mid-15c., action of endowing, from endow + -ment. Meaning property with which an institution or person is endowed is from 1590s; that of gift, power, advantage is early 17c.

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