"enduring Synonyms"

What is a better word for enduring? What's another word for enduring? What are 5 "enduring synonyms"? How can I replace the word enduring? What is the meaning of enduring in English?

The Synonym of - enduring (adj)

Word Example of - enduring

    Example Sentences for enduring

    You see effects and groups every moment that you would give money to be able to carry away with you in enduring form.

    More fortunate than his predecessor (Achilles), he got off with a slight but enduring limp.

    It is a characteristic of genius to give a completeness to work that endows it with an enduring independent vitality.

    They were also tough and enduring, and could travel long distances.

    This may be regarded as the soul of enduring literature, and it is as exhaustless as the human mind itself.

    It has exerted a profound, enduring, moulding influence on my whole life.

    "How late you are, Freddy," says his wife, the reproach in her voice heightened because of the anxiety she had been enduring.

    That was past enduring and Maggie by her bearing let him know it.

    His body is like a bundle of wires, as thin and muscular and enduring as that of a broncho pony.

    She, as we have seen, is the symbol of enduring life—almost immortal.

Word Origin & History of - enduring

    Word Origin & History

    enduring late 14c., action of the verb endure; as a prp. adj. meaning lasting, from 1530s.