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Word Example of - energetic

    Example Sentences for energetic

    And yet our Esther is a heroine—capable, energetic, brave, and patriotic.

    This state of things the energetic Anglo-Saxon will soon change.

    Wagner at fifteen was a poet, and the energetic, suggestive music of Beethoven was mentally transformed into living personalities.

    He was courageous, energetic, sagacious, and universally esteemed.

    He was fearless, energetic, self-reliant; and it was manifest that he was endowed with mental powers of much native strength.

    Moreover, our interest demands a prompt and energetic course of action.

    He was strong, active, and energetic, and as he grew up he was trained to be an engineer.

    Bowring was a great linguist, and an energetic man of business.

    She was now quite lame, but active, energetic, and alive to everything that was passing.

    This effect is experienced by all; by the energetic and decided as well as by the timid and the faltering.

Word Origin & History of - energetic

    Word Origin & History

    energetic 1650s, powerful, from Gk. energetikos active, from energein (see energy). Meaning active in English is from late 18c.