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Word Example of - enervate

    Example Sentences for enervate

    They enervate themselves by sensual indulgences, and consume spirits and spices by wholesale.

    Why, indeed, plunge into dissipations which enervate the body and dull the brain?

    In climate—the southern climate tends to soften and enervate, the northern to harden and invigorate; 3.

    He had learned the art from them, and London had scarce had time as yet to enervate him.

    There is a point where the stimulating atmosphere of the salon begins to enervate.

    She was careful not to enervate him by luxury or weak indulgence.

    Disease may relax the body and enervate the whole frame; but thou art the disease of the soul, the fever of the brain.

    Shun all that may enervate or diminish your youthful energies.

    To diminish the strength of the social bond would be to enervate not to invigorate society.

    Then as they are almost all fighting men (tata toa) they are restricted that they may not weaken or enervate themselves.

Word Origin & History of - enervate

    Word Origin & History

    enervate c.1600, from L. enervat-, pp. stem of enervare (see enervation). Related: Ennervated; ennervating.

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