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Word Example of - enervation

    Example Sentences for enervation

    Nothing but harass, enervation, lassitude, deafening clamor.

    There was therefore not only a denaturation, but an enervation of our poetry.

    The accomplishments of life are in nowise productive of effeminacy or enervation.

    The soirée at Sabine Marsy's had caused Vaudrey to feel something like the enervation that follows intoxication.

    The reek of their damp clothing and the acrid odor of the wet soil increased the enervation of their hard travel.

    Nor are luxury or enervation more powerful in their effects.

    Luxury, enervation, and effeminacy are rife, and snobbery follows close behind them.

    Perhaps the curious sense of enervation was due only to the heat of midsummer in a Southern city.

    And from this time his enervation was steadily on the increase.

    A vast lassitude was weighing upon her, body and spirit were faint in the enervation of an inexorable disconsolation.

Word Origin & History of - enervation

    Word Origin & History

    enervation early 15c., from M.Fr. énervation, from L.L. enervationem, from L. enervare "weaken," lit. "cut the sinews of," from ex- "out" + nervus "sinew." Figurative sense is from 1550s.

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