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Word Example of - engage

    Example Sentences for engage

    "Why, you see I can engage a carriage to take us there myself," said Rollo.

    She is a noble woman, bound to me by all that can engage my honour, my generosity, my affection.

    I design to engage Ben Tooke, and then receive the parchment from her.

    I soon took my leave, for I had to engage a steward before night.

    It was desirable to engage them for five years, but some refused to engage for more than three.

    I engage Madeleine for the first quadrille, and Bertha for the first waltz.

    A man inspired by the righteousness of a cause is not moved to make apology for having invited others to engage in it with him.

    If there was any fun to be had out of the enterprise, both were ready to engage in it.

    My memory will haunt it, many nights, in time to come; but nothing worse, I will engage.

    No scoundrels are greater, in my opinion, than the fellows who engage in it.

Word Origin & History of - engage

    Word Origin & History

    engage early 15c., from M.Fr. engagier, from O.Fr. en gage "under pledge," from en "make" + gage "pledge," through Frankish from P.Gmc. *wadiare "pledge" (showing the common evolution of Gmc. -w- to Fr. -g-; cf. Guillaume from Wilhelm). Specific sense of "promise to marry" first recorded 1727. Related: Engaged.

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