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Word Example of - engine

    Example Sentences for engine

    A scuttle in the deck of a steamer to admit fuel for the engine.

    She had either stopped her engine, or gone off on some other course.

    It was now for Ralph a race to the engine and his friend Barton.

    Washburn reported that the engine was in order, and that the cleaning process was finished.

    When an engine is all right they keep at it till it is all wrong.

    There must also be an engine house to provide the power for drilling.

    I never did believe in that engine in the hands of an amateur.

    Louis attended to the engine while Felipe was at his meals and occasionally at other times.

    It took only a few moments to get his engine ready for service.

    Both of them were competent to run the engine, and had served their watches in the Maud.

Word Origin & History of - engine

    Word Origin & History

    engine c.1300, from O.Fr. engin "skill, cleverness," also "war machine," from L. ingenium "inborn qualities, talent," from in- "in" + gen-, root of gignere "to beget, produce." At first meaning a trick or device, or any machine (especially military); sense of one that converts energy to mechanical power is 18c., especially of steam engines.

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