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Word Example of - engulf

    Example Sentences for engulf

    With a sluggish movement the music uncoiled itself like a huge boa about to engulf a tiny rabbit.

    Father Hennepin tells us that the stout soul of La Salle quailed before the horrible tumult which threatened to engulf him.

    Out of this slender fact the wrathful count might be weaving plot enough to engulf his faithful secretary.

    Then, like erl-king in the German legends, they broaden out to engulf their opponent.

    We are in a cavern of fire, and in another moment it will engulf us.

    Over this body of this hero, rolls the horrible flood that is to engulf France.

    Who shall say that, let loose in the crowded centers of population, it may not one day engulf us all?

    The storms of life were about him, the great waves were ready to engulf him.

    A dream machine, that amplified a man's imagination until he could engulf himself into a world of his own making.

    Was it possible so slight an antagonist could engulf the battle cruiser?

Word Origin & History of - engulf

    Word Origin & History

    engulf 1550s, from en- "make, put in" + gulf. Related: Engulfed; engulfing.

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