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Word Example of - enjoyable

    Example Sentences for enjoyable

    It should have enjoyable exercises, like a school, yet not too severely like a public school.

    The days are bright and clear, the air dry, and the weather most enjoyable.

    There must be healthful, attractive, abundant food for interesting, enjoyable thought.

    The arranging and rearranging of her beads was a frequent and enjoyable labor.

    While in Rio we went by day in the parks or cafes, and spent our evenings together, having a most enjoyable time.

    Thus ended my first romance and, with it, my most enjoyable visit to Paris.

    It was the most enjoyable little lunch Lloyd could remember.

    All I can say is that I had never spent so enjoyable a time before at sea.

    John Bull has not yet acquired the secret of enjoyable outing, and gets but a poor return for his money.

    All the aspects of rural life can thus be made most enjoyable.

Word Origin & History of - enjoyable

    Word Origin & History

    enjoyable 1640s, capable of being enjoyed, from enjoy + -ment. Meaning affording pleasure is from 1744.

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