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Word Example of - enjoyment

    Example Sentences for enjoyment

    But he had one piece of enjoyment that would have driven a monkey mad with envy.

    There is always some Mordecai sitting at the gate to mar the enjoyment.

    Though Ruth was very much annoyed, the incident seemingly served to accentuate Winfield's enjoyment.

    "He sat next to you," said Sir Stanley, with evidence of enjoyment.

    I left her to the enjoyment of that melancholy luxury, and gazed on in strange delight.

    Such contemplation will not unfit us for any duty or any enjoyment.

    There is something fascinating in the enjoyment of music without sound.

    This lack of perception, this incapacity for enjoyment of the beautiful, is vulgarity.

    Moreover, he was one of those happily constituted mortals who knew the true use of wealth—to make it a means of enjoyment.

    It has capacities for enjoyment and suffering: for both good and evil.

Word Origin & History of - enjoyment

    Word Origin & History

    enjoyment 1550s, from enjoy + -ment.

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