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Word Example of - enlargement

    Example Sentences for enlargement

    Kootenai Lake is an enlargement of the River of the same name.

    The requests of readers for the enlargement of the Journal are already coming in.

    When two pictures represent the same objects in different dimensions one can be said to be an enlargement of the other.

    Every great invention is the enlargement of his own personality.

    In a short time the end of the stem shows evidence of enlargement, showing lines of separation on the top.

    During the history of the Institution thus far, enlargement had been its law.

    Enlargement, spread over the whole of the hock-joint, remains.

    Enlargement of the buds may be seen in the case of bulbs and tubers.

    Cushion, the enlargement at the insertion or base of a petiole.

    But when we have passed through it, what enlargement do we find!

Word Origin & History of - enlargement

    Word Origin & History

    enlargement 1560s, from enlarge + -ment. Photographic sense is from 1866.

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