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Word Example of - ennui

    Example Sentences for ennui

    In a fit of generosity or ennui or something I pitch in and help.

    You must have guessed that we should suffer, ah, so terribly, from 'ennui'.

    And we have in these two words the precise explanation of this feeling of ennui.

    He had apparently surprised her in a fit of ennui which was rare with her.

    She took the purple flower I had plucked in Ennui's garden in her slim, cold hand.

    This I suppose, in the other sex, to have supplied one source of ennui and suicide.

    Be thankful for your ennui; it is your last 45 mark of manhood.

    There was enough excitement in camp to prevent any danger of ennui.

    Before very much longer she will have her times of ennui, of passionate desire; the claims of nature will assert themselves.

    Ennui, having its roots in an egoism she did not possess, was unknown to her.

Word Origin & History of - ennui

    Word Origin & History

    ennui 1667, from O.Fr. enui "annoyance," back-formation from envier (see annoy).

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