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Word Example of - enormous

    Example Sentences for enormous

    All this created an enormous sum for the secours, which was the real "relief," as benevolence.

    From what we have done with them I think they will be of enormous value.

    It's huge—how can such an enormous ship ever get off the Earth?

    Pork is the most common in use for meat, and the number of pigs raised is enormous.

    Meanwhile the banks were putting in motion their peculiar and enormous persuasions.

    It was large then; to-day it has grown to enormous proportions.

    A feature of this farm, as of all others, was the enormous barn.

    Who is bearing the burden of this enormous increase of fictitious wealth?

    The stones that composed them looked now enormous, cracked and unhewn.

    These, in the degenerate days of Rome, grew to an enormous excess.

Word Origin & History of - enormous

    Word Origin & History

    enormous 1530s, from L. enormis "irregular, extraordinary, very large," from ex- "out of" + norma "rule, norm" (see norm), with Eng. -ous substituted for L. -is. Meaning "extraordinary in size" is attested from 1540s; original sense of "outrageous" is more clearly preserved in enormity. Related: Enormously.

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