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The Synonym of - enslavement (noun)

Word Example of - enslavement

    Example Sentences for enslavement

    So ended the enslavement of Robert Cassall, and so, I hope, began his immortality.

    The South had begun by agreeing reluctantly to the enslavement of men.

    But a compromise was arranged between the Pope and the Crown in which both united in the spoliation and enslavement of the Church.

    He is no party to his own enslavement,—he is none to his disenthralment.

    Dulosis, is that mingling of colonies which owes its origin to the enslavement of one species by another.

    I execrate the enslavement of the mind of our young children by the ecclesiastics.

    If culture was his pastime, the enslavement of the city by bribery and corruption was the hard work of his manhood.

    But ask the slave what is his condition—what his state of mind—what he thinks of enslavement?

    Among other tribes purchase of a wife is common, always a sure sign of the enslavement of women.

    His enslavement by it had made him understand it a lot better than they understood it.

Word Origin & History of - enslavement

    Word Origin & History

    enslavement 1690s, from enslave + -ment.

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