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Word Example of - ensnare

    Example Sentences for ensnare

    Indeed, the local banks urged such "investments," invited people with property to borrow, laid traps to ensnare them.

    Only be brave, and stay here with me; don't let her ensnare you!

    It was you who planned this massacre to ensnare me into a trap which was to destroy us all.

    He knew the cunning plan Satan had conceived to ensnare Peter.

    When a woman lives to see the arts by which she gained her husband practised to ensnare her son, candour can reveal no more.

    The bishop put many questions to him to see if he could ensnare him.

    The art of the Spider in weaving and spreading her nets, to ensnare and entangle her prey?

    To him she was nothing but a harlot to be used to ensnare his enemies.

    Never fear, monsieur, I will draw for my pupil a most appalling picture of the seductions in which people may seek to ensnare him.

    But it required more than that to ensnare the goddess of slumber.

Word Origin & History of - ensnare

    Word Origin & History

    ensnare 1570s, from en- "make, put in" + snare. Related: Ensnared; ensnaring.

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