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The Synonym of - entertainer (noun)

Word Example of - entertainer

    Example Sentences for entertainer

    Their entertainer always accompanied them to take the stirrup-cup, which often occasioned a long and late revel.

    The more the entertainer of that vision held it there the more charm it clearly took on for him.

    He undoubtedly achieved this object, and was unable to resist when his entertainer undertook to see him home.

    Daylight fully revealed to the young man the character of his entertainer.

    By luck, their entertainer chanced to be A great proficient in astronomy.

    He had not dared to say a word to her of what her entertainer was, or what her part should be.

    At this DeSoto only laughed, and told his entertainer that it was not land that he sought, but gold.

    "You will sleep sound to-night," said his entertainer, smiling.

    The company, as a matter of course, left it to their entertainer to accept or refuse, as he thought best.

    Come, you are my entertainer on this occasion, and yet you don't pledge me.

Word Origin & History of - entertainer

    Word Origin & History

    entertainer "public performer," 1530s, agent noun from entertain.

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