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Word Example of - enticement

    Example Sentences for enticement

    De Negro women protected de pure white woman from enticement and seduction of de white man in slavery time.

    Her eyes were full of half serious reproach, of laughter and enticement.

    “The heathen wench does look like the seven deadly sins for enticement,” agreed Don Diego and made the sign of the cross.

    He struggled against the enticement that lay in this peculiarity.

    Its duty of digestion done, the leaf in all seeming guilessness once more expands itself for the enticement of a dupe.

    He took her hand to kiss, but she bent forward with a look of enticement.

    The man whose principles cannot withstand every degree of enticement to dishonesty, is unfit for any place of trust.

    Those whose hearts are pure do not act up to the enticement of the wicked.

    Little by little our boys and girls will feel the enticement of ideals at once higher and more realizable.

    What use is in't, sweet Prue, when all the magic and enticement is gone from it?

Word Origin & History of - enticement

    Word Origin & History

    enticement c.1300, thing which entices; 1540s, action of enticing; from O.Fr. enticement; see entice + -ment.

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