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Word Example of - entirety

    Example Sentences for entirety

    The impossibility of transferring in its entirety a festival which has become rooted in the customs of a people, is also seen.

    There was little debate, and the code was adopted in its entirety as presented.

    This 'sacred history' claims to cover in its entirety no less a period of time than eighty-one thousand years.

    Sorry, Evening News, but we cannot believe your statement in its entirety.

    The Mllerian duct persists in its entirety in male Amphibians, but only its upper end remains in male Selachians.

    In the holy science of our order all is one, all is known in its entirety and life.

    To understand the story of this life in its entirety, one must know the details of these struggles and these disappointments.

    From him Garcia inherited the old method, it is safe to assume, in its entirety.

    Taking the mountains in their entirety, it is difficult from single points of view to determine for them any definite relation.

    Reasons why this system cannot now be carried out in its entirety.

Word Origin & History of - entirety

    Word Origin & History

    entirety 1540s, from Anglo-Fr. entiertie, from O.Fr. entierete, from L. integritatem, from integer (see entire).

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