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Word Example of - entity

    Example Sentences for entity

    (All things are dependent to the entity of God for their existence, and there is no independent particle whatever).

    If it is an entity, what right have its makers to control it and use it as a tool?

    All of what man has termed sense was merged in the sole consciousness of entity, and in the one abiding sentiment of duration.

    Entity means thing or being; hence a nonentity is no thing or nothing.

    Whatever this entity might be, an entity it was, entirely distinct from his own conscious or subconscious mind.

    "The town" was an entity of which each man felt himself a part.

    The medium had turned at bay, and began a frantic encounter with some entity unseen by us.

    This entity was supposed to be 'John King,' the psychic's control.

    A queen's husband was an entity unknown to the British Constitution.

    He continues to live, but he has lost his integrity as an entity.

Word Origin & History of - entity

    Word Origin & History

    entity 1596, from M.L. entitatem (nom. entitas), from L. ens (gen. entis), proposed by Caesar as prp. of esse "be" (see is), to render Gk. philosophical term to on "that which is."

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